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Criminal Law

Why instruct Alexanders Lawyers in a criminal law matter?

We have a track record that supports our reputation as skilled criminal lawyers and pro-active defenders.

At Alexanders Lawyers we pride ourselves on our ability to case manage the most serious and complex of cases. No case is too challenging, or too large. We have developed the expertise and resources that enable us to defend any case.

We Fight the Issues that Count

Whilst the Prosecution often has unlimited resources, this is not the case for most clients. The client usually has limited resources and therefore needs to allocate them wisely. What the client requires is pro-active defending and the best representation available. In any case, but particularly in a serious case, the client must be absolutely confident in the defence team – we never lose sight of the fact that our client and their family, are putting their future in our hands. It is a responsibility that we take seriously. Trust and confidence underpins our work.

Pro-active Defence

There are four guiding principles that underpin the work of the firm – we believe these principles have inspired confidence in our clients and are responsible for our continued success.

  1. Mapping the Crown Case
    Murders, Sexual Assaults, Robberies, Fraud, Proceeds of Crime, People Smuggling, large-scale conspiracy allegations, and other serious cases can generate huge volumes of used and unused evidence, as well as other defence-generated material. It is essential to undertake a rigorous mapping of the Crown Case so that the jury can simply understand and consider the facts. The defence must articulate its case in a simple, chronological, and coherent manner in order for the jury to be persuaded to accept its arguments.
  2. Rival Alternative Theory
    Juries nowadays are not intimidated by the Court Process. They expect the Defence to make sense. We present a Rival Alternative Theory (RAT) to counter the Crowns theory.
  3. Commitment
    The client must have access to his or her case lawyer, who must be an integral part of the case-management system. That way the defence are able to react instantly to each development in the case and provide the reassurance that the client needs as their trial date nears.
  4. Pro-active defence preparation.
    We believe that defending is not always just about deflecting accusations – it is about continual testing, probing, investigation and above all preparation. This is what we call pro-active defence preparation and it has been this principle above all, which has cast our reputation as effective defenders. Solid preparation is a cornerstone to successful criminal litigation.We believe that it is vital that we are able to identify any arguments and any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We only instruct counsel who are as passionate as we are about defending and are experts in their field.

All criminal allegations are serious for the accused and all cases benefit from the Alexanders Lawyers principles. However, serious cases need a different level of planning and commitment than less complex cases. At Alexanders Lawyers, we have the experience to tackle serious cases. We have successfully defended in the past and we will continue to successfully defend in the future.

No one can foresee the future. We know that whatever reassurances a client has been given, waiting for trial can be an anxious time. That is why the only reassurance you will receive from Alexanders Lawyers is that your case will benefit from the full application of our four guiding principles. It is that level of service which has established our excellent reputation and benefited a significant number of defendants and their families. In short, we have a success rate to be proud of and a reputation to be envied.


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