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Wills and Estates

Estate Planning

Whilst a person may generally make provision for the distribution of their estate through a Will, there is an inherent requirement that the Will is made in accordance with the law. At Alexanders Lawyers we can help you to construct an effective Will or estate plan and offer advice on the legal and practical implications of your wishes. We understand that circumstances can change over time, and we are committed to ensuring that your wishes are kept up to date, and in line with changes in your individual circumstances and the law.

We provide an affordable service, and we will assist you in making informed decisions in respect of your estate. We strive to give you confidence in the future security of you and your family.

Estate Disputes/Contesting Wills

In circumstances where a Will has not been made in accordance with the law, or where someone has been ‘left out’ of a Will, it may be challenged. Being involved in an Estate matter can be costly and time consuming. Further, the emotional toll taken by these matters can be significant. At Alexanders Lawyers our lawyers rely on their extensive experience in this field of law, and provide you a comprehensive service based on the following principles:

  • We avoid court action if possible, by attempting to resolve the matter through mediation or negotiation procedures, thereby limiting the costs and emotional strain to our clients. In the event that the matter proceeds to court, we advance and protect our clients’ interests by relying on a robust and comprehensive strategy.
  • We give you a frank assessment of your legal position and your prospects of success.
  • We are committed to communicating openly with you and being accessible to you at all times to assist you with your matter.


  • The drafting of Wills, from ‘standard’ Wills to more complex documents such as Mutual Mills and other estate planning measures;
  • Probate & Administration of Estates;
  • Wills and Estate Litigation, including making and defending‘Family Provision’ claims.